The concept of Mr. Junk was born in Hong Kong. Like a lot of characters in the market, Mr. Junk has his own story. He is a unique potato chip. We set his character as an active, outgoing and adventurous character, a natural photographer and a friendly backpacker to contrast with his name – Mr. Junk. A name people may associate with junk food, unhealthy diets or habits.

Unlike a lot of characters in the market, our brand Mr. Junk does not stop with this simple storyline. Our philosophy is to link people with uninspiring daily routine hungering for a change and the pure innocent children to join Mr. Junk’s journey. A journey that purposely to create and to relate readers’ passion on ‘Something is out there for you to reach, to see, to feel’. Taken out the preconception from ‘no, I can’t do that’ to Mr Junk’s spirit of ‘let’s explore!’, we ALL can be Mr. Junk after all!

This is the reason we create Mr Junk and the animal family.